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Torrefazione Piansa

Coffee Time: our Etiopia made with v60

At the Corner "experiments" never end, this week we taste together our Ethiopia extracted with v60!

Every week at Piansa Coffee Corner you can find one of our Specialty Coffee for tasting, both for the classic espresso extraction, and toasted filter, for a bit '"more particular" extraction.
Yes, we offer our customers and friends to come and taste a cup of coffee a little different than usual because extracted with lesser-known and widespread methods, at least in Italy. Starting from the classic v60 until a refreshing cold brew for the hottest summer days!
This week you will find in tasting two Etiopia coffees, a Etiopia Slow Food from the Harenna forest, we propose to taste it with espresso extraction, and a Etiopia Cherenet, that we propose to taste with the v60 extracion.,

We look forward to seeing you all !