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Torrefazione Piansa

Piansa and knowledge of coffee

Coffee Piansa is active for the spread of knowledge and culture on the coffee, so that only quality coffee arrives in our cups

Piansa has always worked the best qualities of coffee, roasted small amounts at a time in order to ensure the freshness of the product and its organoleptic and gustative properties. Unfortunately in the world of coffee there are also lots of raw coffee less good, and often, they are not discarded but roasted and proposed to the consumer. Other times even these "little good" coffee are mixed with other substances, such as stones, pieces of wood, earth, and its presence is probably due to hasty and inaccurate collection of coffee berries.
Piansa is active to spread knowledge on the matter, in order to give the consumer himself the knowledge needed to recognize the quality of what he drinks and learn to appreciate the true characteristics of coffee. This is intended to ensure that these poor quality coffee does not come over to our tables.
Follow us and participate at the events that we organize, or even just pass by the Corner for a coffee, always accompanied by excellent explanations and clarification on the matter! :)